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Last updated: 02/16/2019 07:01 PM CST


Sale Date Sale Time File Number Property County State Bid
02/19/201910:00 AMMAYGLSPS4243 Louisiana AveSt. Louis CityMO$65,250.00 
02/19/201910:00 AMPAGHENOR4913 Palm StSt. Louis CityMO$15,972.00 
02/19/201910:00 AMBULMARLM203 Whitetail DrBooneMO$117,780.00 
02/19/201910:00 AMEATBRNOR1721 W Hwy 124BooneMO$91,200.00 
02/20/201910:00 AMTHOMASET2385 Greenbriar DrSt. LouisMO$64,800.00 
02/20/201910:00 AMMCWANNOR966 Broadhead LaneSt. LouisMO$70,200.00 
02/20/201910:00 AMWEADEAHF1235 Acredale DrSt. LouisMO$66,300.00 
02/20/201910:00 AMCOLRANO83925 Woodcrest DrSt. LouisMO$126,360.00 
02/20/201910:00 AMGRISENOR737 Oakbrook LnSt. LouisMO$43,924.00 
02/20/201910:00 AMOLISUSPS10942 Vargas DrSt. LouisMONot Available 
02/20/201910:00 AMWADTRNO19759 Tullamoor Drive
Unit 1
St. LouisMO$16,989.15 
02/20/201910:00 AMPHATRNOR4127 Whippoorwill DrSt. LouisMO$90,000.00 
02/20/201910:00 AMPITCONOR1346 Westbrooke Meadows LnSt. LouisMO$244,585.50 
02/20/201910:00 AMBARMANO89750 Brittleigh TerraceSt. LouisMO$53,015.94 
02/20/201910:00 AMGATMIASC6743 Rougemount Branch DrSt. LouisMO$170,514.60 
02/21/201901:00 PMJEUSAAHF6107 E 120th TerJackson (Independence)MONot Available 
02/21/201909:00 AMGOODERLM1702s Grant AveGreeneMO$101,100.00 
02/21/201910:00 AMWASCHRLM875 Pebble LnSt. LouisMONot Available 
02/21/201901:30 PMMARANN13405 S Pine StLawrenceMO$131,820.00 
02/21/201901:00 PMSTERON19517 Pioneer DrSt. CharlesMO$171,600.00 
02/21/201909:00 AMHERJAAHF4001 S Belvedere CtGreeneMONot Available 
02/21/201901:00 PMMCDANAHF5579 NW Sunrise Meadow LnJackson (Independence)MO$97,277.39 
02/21/201901:00 PMHAMCYNO13 Chauser DrSt. CharlesMONot Available 
02/21/201909:00 AMDECBRCHL3215 E Jamestown StGreeneMO$123,606.01 
02/21/201901:00 PMBONELAHF5249 Woosencraft DrSt. CharlesMONot Available 
02/21/201909:00 AMWEARINOR6625 Indiana AveJackson (Kansas City)MO$25,014.86 
02/21/201909:00 AMBAUVINOR1026 West Arlington DriveGreeneMO$105,850.00 
02/22/201909:00 AMHENCLSPS2273 Reising RdJeffersonMONot Available 
02/22/201911:00 AMWHEBRNO1425 1/ 2 S Main StChristianMO$78,000.00 
02/22/201911:00 AMSTOHANO16830 Nw Prairie View RoadPlatteMO$187,200.00 
02/22/201909:00 AMSTRANNO13237 Jackson StreetBuchananMO$52,260.00 
02/22/201912:30 PMMCCCONO3135 Mach LnTaneyMO$78,000.00 
02/22/201909:00 AMWILCAOC1404 State Rd HDallasMONot Available 
02/22/201910:30 AMWILTRNO31024 Private Road 2216RandolphMO$109,358.39 
02/25/201911:00 AMWEARECHL29057 Lake Shore Dr.PettisMONot Available 
02/25/201909:00 AMSNEKYNOR2327 Brookview DrFranklinMO$93,357.32 
02/25/201909:00 AMHELTRNOR1333 Old Highway 50 EastFranklinMO$87,120.00 
02/25/201911:00 AMGUTWINOR601 E Tenth StreetPettisMO$17,600.00 
02/26/201910:00 AMTHAMINOR5555 Pershing Ave 2wSt. Louis CityMO$70,943.94 
02/26/201911:00 AMKIPSLAHF701 S LexingtonJohnsonMONot Available 
02/26/201911:30 AMCOLRICHL129 Riverside DrColeMONot Available 
02/26/201910:00 AMSCATISET8668 Oriole AveSt. Louis CityMONot Available 
02/26/201910:00 AMMULLINOR1218 Haven RdBooneMO$84,489.78 
02/26/201912:30 PMFAUMINO1104 Mary CatherinePulaskiMO$137,001.50 
02/26/201910:00 AMSHAJAN104501 Lindell BlvdSt. Louis CityMO$247,947.50 
02/27/201910:00 AMJOHANRLM9131 Harold DriveSt. LouisMONot Available 
02/27/201910:00 AMJONKECHL4013 Hounds Hill DrSt. LouisMONot Available 
02/27/201910:00 AMMONSUCHL1125 Haley AveSt. LouisMONot Available 
02/27/201910:00 AMBOWSTNO84623 Heege RdSt. LouisMONot Available 
02/27/201910:00 AMANDHANO9305 Lithia AveSt. LouisMONot Available 
02/27/201910:00 AMBROMAN191050 Penhurst DrSt. LouisMONot Available 
02/28/201901:00 PMSANMASPS162 Westwood TrailSt. CharlesMONot Available 
02/28/201909:00 AMREEKECHL3801 College AveJackson (Kansas City)MONot Available 
02/28/201901:00 PMKINROCHL1615 Dardenne Ridge DriveSt. CharlesMONot Available 
02/28/201909:00 AMHINDANO15641 Wayne AvenueJackson (Kansas City)MONot Available 
02/28/201902:30 PMGIEWINOR1028 Pin Oak DrWarrenMO$105,062.50 
02/28/201901:00 PMDINLINOR606 Aberdeen StreetJackson (Independence)MO$24,594.21 
02/28/201909:00 AMVANELNOR1801 W Lincoln StGreeneMONot Available 
03/01/201911:00 AMCOOALSET307 Jackson StSt. FrancoisMONot Available 
03/01/201902:30 PMROBJUBSI14852 Cedar Cove RoadRallsMONot Available 
03/01/201910:00 AMSMIANCHL1269 Mockingbird RdWebsterMONot Available 
03/01/201909:00 AMVONRYAHF4234 Lorien TrlJeffersonMONot Available 
03/01/201909:00 AMKESRONO12165 Treasure IslandJeffersonMONot Available 
03/01/201911:00 AMWEGDANO17710 Nw 74th StPlatteMONot Available 
03/01/201909:00 AMMASKENO13443 Swan Circle NorthJeffersonMONot Available 


Trustee assumes no liability for the accuracy of the information provided.

This list reflects sales which are presently scheduled to occur at a future date. Nothing herein shall be construed as an offer to sell. Items contained herein are provided for informational purposes only. Information is provided only as a courtesy, and any and all warranties (whether express or implied) are disclaimed. Substitute Trustee Corporation and its respective members, officers, employees and agents assume no responsibility for the accuracy of the information contained herein.

Realty conveyed by way of the foreclosure sale is "as is" without representation as to lien position, condition, occupancy or manner of title, subject to all easements, restrictions, encumbrances and issues appearing of record. Buyer beware.

All sales are governed by applicable law, terms of sale and announcements at the sale. All information, including bid amount, is subject to change up to and including the time of sale. The bid amounts listed herein are opening bids only, and may not reflect the final bid which may be entered.

The property address should not be relied upon. Only the legal description used in the advertisement of sale describes the property. Further, you should utilize the legal description provided in the advertisement to satisfy yourself as to the manner of title as set forth above.

All information provided herein is provided to you for informational purposes only and may not be relied on. You must instead make such diligent inquiry as is satisfactory to you regarding all matters, information, representations, and omissions pertaining to an "as is" conveyance.

Bid: If Bid Amount = $0.00 or is blank, the bid is not yet available. Please review this list closer to the sale date.

If the above Missouri Sales Sheet has a status of "Postponed", this does not mean the sale is being postponed for a future date. This means it was previously postponed from the original date. The date listed is the date the sale is currently scheduled to occur.

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Q. How does someone purchase a property?

A. Attend the sale at the county courthouse. Purchaser is required to pay 10% of purchase amount in certified funds (certified check payable to Substitute Trustee Corporation) at the time of sale. Remainder of funds must be wire transferred by 4:00 p.m. day of sale.

Q. Can I view the property before the sale?

A. Neither the lender nor the trustee has access to the property therefore, access cannot be provided to prospective bidders.

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